Our company's mission is to strengthen the small farming communities of the Peruvian Andes by working closely with the producers, thus generating an increase in the productivity and distribution of wealth based on a private Project that has 32 years of successful life and that is expanding its activities all over the country


The vision of our company is based on the perception of an ancient Peru with wonderful organic agricultural traditions that have an enormous potential and that had not been developed properly regarding the generation of higher incomes for those sectors of the population in the highlands . In this context, our company works with a double purpose, economic and social


INNOVACIÓN NACIONAL SA certifies high quality production of quinoa , amaranth and sesame working with fields within the organic system since 1995; these projects were developed in Puno, Arequipa and the Apurimac Ene Valley respectively.

INNAC has all the production fields organic certified by Control Union and also the processing plant located in the industrial area of Lurin , south of the capital city of Lima is organic and BRC Certified .


The processing plant is located in the new industrial área of Lurin. The facility is certified BRC ( Grade A) and is equiped with modern high technology machinery especially developed and designed for the industrial process of quinoa .