INNOVACIÓN NACIONAL SA inherited the knowledge of the peruvian pioneer company in organic agriculture. This new renovated modern company dedicated to the promotion, processing and exportation of organic raw and processed quinoa, leads also a range of healthy products in the offer of ready to eat food.

The logo of the company resumes the time when in the peruvian highlands the incas grew and consume quinoa as an excellent source of strength and resistance. Due to its properties, during colonial times, the spanish conquerors banned the cultivation of the grain of gold, the Quinoa.

Nowadays, quinoa is worldwide known as a highly nutritional food due to its percentage content of protein, vitamins and minerals.this grain is a superfood, a gift of nature to humanity and is now present in supermarkets and healthy food chain stores of different countries, all over the world.

The company also offers organic amaranth and organic natural and hulled sesame seed.